Advertise on our website and/or on our upcoming promotional videos for upcoming releases and reach a worldwide audience, with any of the following advertising packages of your choice:


Package 1> Website*:

  1. One high resolution digital graphic image of the advertisement placed on any page and location of your choice on the website.

Package 2> Upcoming Promotional Videos**:

  1. The name and/or address of your organization or a product/service offered by your organization displayed on the video, with a "Brought To You By … " or a "Sponsored By …" message.
  2. Placement choices:

Please reach out to us via the contact us form or via e-mail with questions, if any, and/or for additional information.

*Fee payment structure: recurring (weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly).
** Fee payment structure: one-time.

An Independent Record Label Based In Chicago.
Someone Like You (Soft Rock), Yaadein (यादें), Main Kyoon Pyaasa (मैं क्यूं प्यासा), Tera Shukriya (तेरा शुक्रिया), Chhail Chhabeela (छैल छबीला), Sant Kabir Amritvaani (संत कबीर अमृतवाणी), Marjanha Hua (मरजाणा हुआ), Someone Like You (Country), I Owe You (Soft Rock), Dil Pe Aisa Chadha (दिल पे ऐसा चढ़ा), Don't Touch Me, Jaana (Don't Touch Me, जाना), Ye Zaroori To Nahin (ये ज़रूरी तो नहीं), Dheere Se Chupke Se (धीरे से चुपके से), Seher Se Zehen Mein (सहर से ज़हन में), Chehra Woh Ajnabee Sa (चेहरा वो अज़नबी सा), Satya Vichaar (सत्य विचार), Ranjhana (रांझणा), Dil Bhi Pighal Raha Hai (दिल भी पिघल रहा है), Ultimate Communications, Manny Vohra, Amerimarc, Amerimarc llc, amerimarcllc, Beena Productions, R. D. Vohra, Vinay Mandke, Shammi Chaudhari, Shabbir Kumar, Sukhwinder Singh, Prashant Kulkarni, Prashant Naseri, Suhas Shamgaonkar, Ajay Bali, Asha Bhosle, Keka Ghoshal, Rishab Rathnam, Shekar Astitva, Robin Gurung, Money On Mobile, Shabbir Sanam, Sonali Patel, Parinita Ranawat, Harishchandra Chavan, Ashish Chowhan, Saavi Swami, Virender Qamar, Victor Dutt